10 Great Tips On How To Stop Procrastinating Homework

If you are in school, homework is simply a fact of life. It is used to create a strong foundation for important concepts or ideas. The reinforcement that homework gives is an important part in one’s educational experience. Some students get overwhelmed and procrastinate with the assignments. Here are 10 tips for getting the work done quickly and efficiently:


  1. Start it at School-start the work at school. You may actually be able to make a considerable dent into the given assignments. Whenever possible, begin your tasks at school.
  2. Look for Downtime-look for empty time when completing the assignments. You can do work before class begins, at the end of class, at lunch, and during your independent study time or your study hall. Use the extra windows of time to your advantage.
  3. Work with a Group-try collaborating. When you work with a group the jobs will go faster and it will be fun. Just make sure to select group members who are compatible to you and to your style of study. Otherwise, the group work will not be very effective at all.
  4. See Your Teacher-if you get stuck in an assignment, go to see your teacher after school. This will help you to complete the work.
  5. Baby Bites-break the work into small portions. If you have one giant pile of work to be completed, the odds are great that you may end up procrastinating. This will be overwhelming, so work in small portions and small chunks of time.
  6. Use a Calendar-consider using a calendar system. Color-code the work by subjects or by type of assignment. Keep the calendar over or on your desk in plain sight. The electronic version dos not work as nicely because it is not staring you in the face at work time.
  7. Reward Yourself-after you complete a large task, reward yourself with a snack or some free time on the basketball court or telephone. Just keep the rewards small and realistic.
  8. Take Breaks-take small breaks in order to keep from feeling overwhelmed.
  9. Step Away from the Electronics-keep your computers, tablets, phones, and gaming devices away from your work area if possible. Otherwise, the temptation is too great to get off task.
  10. A Miss Here or There-the time will come when you miss an assignment. As long as this is not a regular pattern or you do not miss a large project, this is fine. It will happen. A pattern of missing is a whole other story and should be avoided.

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