Where To Look For 5th Grade Math Homework Assignments

As any parent of a home-schooled child knows, there is often a lack of good educational materials available online. This doesn't mean that they aren't there, however; only that finding them can take some effort.

Of course, home-schoolers are not the only ones who can use additional homework resources. Parents of public and private school students often need additional resources, and so do many teachers. In this article, I will go over some of the places where I've found some excellent math materials for my fifth graders.

Homework Help Services

There are a number of excellent resources for homework help that offer some wonderfully diverse assignments that can be of great help to any student or teacher! Most of these do offer some premium services, but you can find an amazing amount of free resources available for use. Some of these are Math Worksheets that can be found and printed for free on many such websites.

These worksheets often go well beyond simple exercises, including problems that not only require a knowledge of the particular arithmetical formula (such as addition, multiplication, division, etc.), but also force the student to think about what they're doing. For example, problems with missing factors make it necessary for the student to step outside the normal procedural methodology of the classroom and consider how the missing number might be found. Only then can the problem be solved.

Free Resources

There are also a number of free resources, geared toward homeschooling parents but well suited to even public sc provides an incredible amount of homework materials for free. There are worksheets for every aspect of math by grade, and most of their materials are second to none! Again, the student is often required to think outside the box to complete the work, and the benefit to the developing young mind is considerable.

Answer keys are usually included with each worksheet, making it easy and quick to grade and evaluate the student's work and progress. This resource has helped many kids accelerate their learning, and many more to reach levels they hadn’t thought possible.


There are a lot of fun and engaging games that can help children to learn, even when they don't enjoy doing the work directly! Word and logic problems surpass normal worksheet formats to make the students think for themselves, and action games that require quick solutions to “stop an invader” or “save the world” make them think fast and provide them with a surprisingly enjoyable session.

While these are a few of my favorite resources, there are others. One thing I strongly recommend is that any resource be examined thoroughly before you simply take it at face value and print off materials to hand to your kids. After all, it's up to us to make sure our kids learn the best way, isn't it?

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