Fun English Homework Activities: 10 Great Tips

Homework may have a stressful overtone for a few students. Therefore, it is necessary to create fun and magic in at least some of the assignments. The scope for frivolity and fun is greater when the subject conforms to Literature; especially English.

Here are 10 funny English homework activities –

  1. Writing two words which are a jumble of each other in the same sentence – Cloud and could are good examples. The students should be encouraged to create witty ones – Would you pass (the sweater), (sweetheart)?
  2. Placing oxymorons alongside each other – Artificial intelligence; darkness visible and genuine imitation are some of the popular ones. Coax students to come up with more in the homework.
  3. Using an imaginative concept – Create an imaginative world; say a world in which humans are caged and hunted and lions live in homes. Let their creativity soar.
  4. Asking students to expand one word into a story – You can place attributes such as honesty, diligence, duplicity; et al. Test the student’s capacity of expansion in a linear mode through the homework.
  5. Asking them to write five examples of figures of speech – Alliteration, simile, metaphor; assonance. Use easy figures of speech (within the capacities of a high school student) and let them examine their stretch.
  6. Ask them to write an allegory – Ask them to create a story during their homework, where characters actually convey the essence of a different expression altogether. Sounds complicated; go through Alice in Wonderland.
  7. Ask them to write nursery rhymes – Nursery rhymes may sound simple and uncomplicated, but it actually takes a lot of labor to compose them in a delightful manner. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star still has a fresh sound to it. Ask the kids to be more inventive.
  8. Tell them to introspect – Ask them to find out five good things about them and five weaknesses. It will actually interest the students and they will understand the virtues of analysis.
  9. Ask them to write a short story – Give all the students the same topic and ask them to write a story with minimum four characters in their homework. You will get a sample of their creative scope even as they rack their brains for ideas.
  10. Ask them to review a movie they saw last – Ask students to write a review of their last-seen movie. Let’s see how they go about it.

Request them not to take adult help. Impress them with the suggestion that you will automatically know which student took help and which did not.

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