Question Of The Day: Does Music Help You Do Homework?

Does music help students get homework done? This depends on who you ask but some say yes, while others say no. Music is great to listen to when you want to take your mind off of something, yet it can be a distraction when you need peace and quiet. Some students feel it helps them concentrate. This may sound weird but in some ways music can encourage more productivity. Think about situations when music is present that has been helpful and beneficial. The same can be true for homework assignments but there are issues in why some think music is not necessary.

  • Music Can Encourage Natural Energy and Reduce Stress
  • Students who like to listen to music while doing homework may feel it helps them concentrate. This is because music has a tendency to encourage a person to create more energy. Sure, you may like to dance to it, but some feel it can help them get focused when their mind is tuned into one thing. The same aspect is true when some like to have music playing when completing other activities such as cooking, cleaning or even reading. It may depend on the type of music as well such as jazz or easy listen.

  • Music Can Be a Distraction When You Need Peace and Quiet
  • Others have a good point when they say music can be a distraction when completing homework assignments. There are times it is best to complete homework when it is quiet. Some assignments are best completed with little or no distraction. For instance, writing assignments are easier for students to complete when it is quiet. They are able to develop personal thoughts clearly and it makes proofreading and editing easier.

  • Does Type of Music Matter?
  • If you like to listen to music while completing homework assignments the type of music you listen too could make a difference. Some like to listen to instrumental or smooth jazz. Others like to listen to something they can dance to. The type of music can make a difference in how homework is completed. In some cases this is not a big deal but some like to have the option. In the end it depends on the person and what they like to do when completing assignments. You can experiment with different types of music to learn the outcome.

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