Helpful Hints For Parents On How To Do Homework With ADHD Children

“ADHD” is Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and most parents face this issue with their children. Their frustration level increases as they are unsuccessful in controlling the symptoms. Sometimes it becomes highly challenging.

Basically these children find issues with thinking, planning, organizing, controlling their impulses and completing the tasks on time. It is the problem with execution and they do not do such acts willfully.

Have patience and respond to your child with a positive approach. Offer them support and compassion to make them stable and happy.

Check what all you can do –

  1. Structure his homework tasks: Such children accomplish the tasks successfully when they sit on fixed place and in a predictable manner. It is the parent’s responsibility to create an environment so that child understands what to do and what is expected out of him.
  2. Stay focused and organized: Make him adhere to a fixed routine. Make a ritual for meal, written and learning homework, time of play, sleep and other tasks.
  3. Place timers in all rooms: Have a big one in his study room. Offer him sufficient time for the homework and keep a watch on his activities.
  4. Rewards and punishments: Encourage him on times when he is sincere in his tasks and discourage him on other times. Offer him small rewards occasionally but do not make it a habit.
  5. Simplify his schedule: Do not burden him with too many assignments. Offer small breaks after a particular homework is completed, however this idle time should not be too long otherwise they are more likely to go with the play and their routine gets disturbed.
  6. Ensure he does not get distracted: A serene place for homework prevents distractions. This private place should be devoid of games, television, cell phones and people roaming around. It should be different from the place where he used to go for fun activities or play.
  7. Keep your home organized: Everything should have its own place and your child should be aware of all his belongings. Watching cleanliness will inculcate the habit of organization too.
  8. Cuddle your child: Spend 10 minutes every day with him while talking.
  9. Use relaxation techniques: It will minimize background noise as he goes to sleep.
  10. Make him spend time with nature: Let him interact and play with other children.

Since this is more behavior related disorder stay calm and do not exaggerate the matter and be ready to make compromises. Have a trust in yourself and your child and he will definitely change with time, learning with maturity. A belief in yourself will only accomplish you what you want.

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