Physics Homework Help: 15 Helpful Suggestions

  1. Don’t fall behind
  2. The workload for a physics class can be significant—between homework assignments, problem sets, and studying for tests, it’s easy to fall behind. But doing so can make it much harder to get a good grade.

  3. Give yourself plenty of time
  4. Having to rush through an assignment means that you won’t have the time to think carefully through problems, or to check your work. So be sure to block out enough time for you to work on your assignment at once.

  5. Don’t wait till the last minute
  6. Similarly, don’t wait till the last minute to work on your assignment.

  7. Take good notes
  8. Taking good notes during class will help tremendously helpful when it comes time to do your homework. Specifically, write out step by step when your teacher shows you how to work through a problem.

  9. Keep a formula cheat sheet
  10. One of the hardest things about physics is all the formulas! So keep a cheat sheet with them all that you can easily reference when you’re doing an assignment or studying for a test.

  11. Start with the problems you know
  12. This classic test taking strategy can also be helpful with homework.

  13. Work through problems in groups
  14. If there are groups of similar problems, do them all at once.

  15. Don’t automatically look up answers
  16. If you’re not sure how to do a problem immediately, or are struggling with it, don’t just automatically look up the answer. Instead, try to work through it a few times first.

  17. Identify the information you’ve been given
  18. Most physics problems are word problems. So it’s helpful to write out what information you’ve been given in variable form. This will help you see what formula you can use to solve the problem.

  19. Identify the what you are solving for
  20. Before you start working on the problem, make sure you know what you’re solving for.

  21. Figure out how many steps the problem has
  22. If it has more than one, identify what they are.

  23. Figure out how concepts are related to each other
  24. This will help you understand bigger relationships in the material.

  25. Look for patterns
  26. Patterns can help you solve problems more efficiently.

  27. Check your answers
  28. Check your work on each assignment to make sure you haven’t made any careless mistakes.

  29. Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  30. Physics can be a challenging subject, so don’t be afraid to ask for help on assignments!

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